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Adagio for Clogs

Spinning Minor

Broken Vow

Cinema Paradiso

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I am a Lithuanian-born, London-based professional violinist/musician named Enrika Uselyte. Even though, I have only recently started exploring the British Modern and Classical Music scenes, I am proud to have played with projects like the London Firebird Orchestra, as well as participated in countless independent acts.

To me, being a musician is way beyond the boundaries of profession. I have been doing it ever since I was very little, I can barely remember the days without the violin in my hands – which makes it a very big part of me.

I am available as a session musician as well as taking offers to take parts in various creative acts. I can improvise as well as fluently read notation, I play in any genre and throughout my long-term experience I have covered a very wide range of musical variety.

Have a listen to some of my work on this website and do not hesitate to get in touch as I have more to show and ever more to tell. Enjoy my music!

Fantasia by Vaughan Williams

Performed by the London Firebird Orchestra

Keep Dancing On with

Live performance with Rodney Earl Clarke at the Hippodrome Casino


Violin & Voice Duo with Rodney Earl Clarke

Electric Ladies

Rehearsing/performing with a pop female violin trio

Graffiti Classics

Performing with a unique 4-piece string quartet

Red Bull

Violin recording for a video game developed by Red Bull

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2007 - 2008

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Master of Music Performance - Classic Violin (Professor I.Armonaite)

2005 - 2006

Malmo Academy of Music in Sweden

Received Swedish Royal Scholarship Award to study in Malmo with professor A. Fisher

2003 - 2007

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Bachelor of Music Performance - Classical Violin

1999 - 2001

A.Simkaus Conservatoire (Lithuania)

Speciality: Classical Violin

1988 - 1996

Klaipeda School of Music (Lithuania)

Speciality: Classical Violin

Work Experience

2007 - Present

Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra

String section

2013 - Present

Nordic/International Symphony Orchestra (Tallin, Estonia)

First Violin. Conductor: Anu Tali

2007 - Present

Modern String Trio "Electric Ladies"

Electric Violin. Website: www.electricladies.lt

2008 - 2010

BB Promotion (Germany) - "West Side Story" Musical

Music Supervisor: Donald Chan

2008 - 2010

BB Promotion (Germany) - "Evita" Musical

Principal Violin

2008 - 2010

Chamber Orchestra "Klaipeda Kamerata" (Lithuania)

First Violin


String Quartet "Archi Quartet"

Second Violin


Lubeck Philharmonic Orchestra (European Project)

Principal Violin